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Stefanie Weiner RD, CSP, LDN

From an early age, what we eat fascinated me.  While other little girls dreamed of Broadway or the White House, I dreamed of the Supermarket.  So after a degree in English from New York University and a brief career in fashion PR, I chose to listen to my instinct, take a risk and pursue a career in dietetics.


As a brand new mother, I went back to school to obtain a degree in Dietetics, Foods, and Nutrition from Lehman College of the City University of New York.  Upon graduation in 2014, I completed Sodexo's dietetic internship, one of the few to offer a pediatric concentration and the only program at the time to offer it in a clinical setting.  I trained as a pediatric dietetic intern at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and in 2015 joined CHOP as a member of its Clinical Nutrition department once I became registered.

While delivering nutrition to kids is my profession, helping whole families thrive is my passion.  Together, we can set and achieve your nutrition goals to benefit both children and adults.  

I live outside of Philadelphia with my husband and three sons who have a lot to say about Pokemon and Minecraft.  In my free time I enjoy not hearing about Pokemon and Minecraft, wandering around Target, and mom memes.  

Wondering if I can help you?  Have a good meme to share?  Shoot me an email by clicking here.

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